Fully automated Moving Die Rheometer Series

Disper Tester (Image: Montech)

Easy sample preparation, quick and fully automated test sequences allow test times of less than a minute. It is built on the proven technology of the Dispertester product series – however with this new generation of Dispersion testers the company is expanding the possibilities of Dispersion testing as well as adding new, unprecedented features allowing faster and a more accurate measurement of filler dispersion in the macro- and also micro dispersion range. Furthermore the new dynamic fatigue tester FT 3000 CH for dynamic lifecycle simulation under controlled thermal environment from -40 to +180°C will be presented. The FT 3000 CH is a high-end, direct linear drive fatigue tester for tension and bending fatigue testing to determine fatigue life and flex cracking/crack growth properties in accordance with ISO 132, 6943, ASTM D 430-B, ASTM D 813, DIN 53 522 -1/2/3. The FT 30000 CH is designed for continuous operation in applications such compound and material development as well as in-process quality control in rubber plants and other areas requiring dynamic testing of rubber samples. Especially due to the unique advanced linear motor design and the integrated CCD camera objective lifecycle test data can be obtained and evaluated fully automated on up to 16 samples simultaneously.

DKT/IRC 2015 – Booth 12-316