Plastics are the material of choice of the 21st century. About 35 percent of plastics are being used for the production of packaging, while 26 percent are used to manufacture household goods, furniture, toys, and medical devices. Contrary to common expectations, however, only about nine percent find their way into the automobile sector, with the class of polyolefins constituting the highest percentage at about 43 percent. In addition, products made from plastic materials are already contributing to a better quality of everyday life. They protect natural resources and help preserve the environment for future generations-an important point in a world with a growing population whose demand for water, food, safety, hygiene, medical care, and economic stability is constantly on the rise. Plastics recycling, too, has firmly established itself as an integral part and important economic factor, and has even attracted attention as a substitute fuel. Today, approximately 97 percent of plastics waste is being re-used: 42 percent in terms of material, and 55 percent in terms of energy. Moreover, plastics producers, plastics processing companies, and machine manufacturers are a key element in today’s global economy. In Europe, the industry employs more than 1.6 million people directly, with many more working in sectors that require plastic materials as a basis for their own production processes.

A lot of good reasons, then, why the world of plastics is coming together at the K trade fair.

I hope you have interesting and informative days ahead of you here in Dusseldorf!

Harald Wollstadt, Editor-in-Chief

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